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2015 Because of the new chain discharging system the saving to 50% of energy to the normal auger discharging systems can be realized. Positive side effect is the almost wear-free operation without any powdering of the fuel. This discharging system can be used for all common fuels like G50/45, pellets and many other.
2014 By using our Heizopump service water-heating pump you can reduce the cost of operation for hot water preperation to the lowest level
2012 Heizomat will be 30 years old!
2011 Heizomat presented the new Heizotrans with chain elevator. This development with the filling trough, chain stud elevator and filling worm is driven only by one engine.
2010 On 14. and 15. May 2011, Heizomat initiated the major Heizomat-Cup of the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES and presented this on the "2011 Open Day".
2010 Patented parallel agitator
By means of the parallel agitator arm, the bunker is emptied circularly. This treats the agitator with care and ensures low noise emptying.
2010 Heizomat presented the new push floor discharge system. The self-supporting system demands no construction measures and enables large areas to be used as wood chip storage.
2009 First lorry wood chipper with 440 HP directly over the auxiliary drive was presented. With full equipment, long chain feed belt, two cameras and specially converted lorry cooling system, the HM14-800 KL leaves nothing to be desired.
2007 Heizomat celebrated its 25th.corporate anniversary with 20 000 visitors in Heidenheim and Maicha.
2007 The first RHK-AK 40 was built as a steam boiler. An attached steam turbine produces electricity and the steam and the steam waste heat is re-used for heating.
2005 Purchase of the former Hahnenkamm barracks. The 380 hectare sized site with its tank buildings is ideal for the production of heating boilers and chippers, similarly for presentations and practical tests.
2005 The first HEIZOHACK HM 14-800 KL was ready. The wood chip machine was mounted on a lorry with 320 HP. The drive was taken from the lorry engine and the mounted crane can be operated comfortably from the seat in the air-conditioned driver´s cab.
2004 The first wood collector gripper and tongs HEIZOGREIF was built. With this it was no longer a problem to grasp the bush, the branches or even trunks on the ground and to move them to the chipping location.
2003 The quick movement of the wood chips into high storerooms was often a problem. With the combination HEIZOSCHNECK and HEIZOTRANS, this can now be achieved very efficiently. The robust blower is maximally equipped load-dependently with the auger.
2002 The first HEIZOSCHNEID was built. With this machine, which can be attached to tractors, loaders, excavators etc, shrubs, bushes and trees can be harvested mechanically. As a result of the robust design, it is possible to hold the trunk with the gripper, to cut it with the shears and remove it vertically.
2000 The first boiler in the RHK-AK series was installed in Maicha. This boiler system formed the basis for the burning of wood chips contaminated with foreign bodies such as nails and stones etc.
With the new cyclone combustion chamber and the chain de-ashing system, however, the way was also opened up for the utilisation of very varying fuels such as bark, straw, pellets, cores, parings, organic packaging, i.e. biomass.
1998 The system control was changed to microchip technology. Consequently it became possible to integrate functional technical processes such as exhaust control, lambda sensor, infinite performance control of the in-feed and the boiler blower. Interfaces, potential-free contact, for example, drive control of pumps and boilers etc. are as a result possible.
1996 Manufacture of the first HSK-RA boiler, which also cleans automatically the heat exchanger surfaces and removes the ash. Thus maximum operating comfort and a constantly high level of efficiency are achieved.
1994 The plant oil press HEIZOPRESS was built. A machine for the production of pure cold-pressed plant oil suitable for human consumption but which can also be used as hydraulics oil and as fuel for plant oil engines.
1993 The plant oil engines production and development company Elsbett, which was close to collapse, was bought completely. As in our view, the Elsbett engine, which runs economically on cold-pressed plant oil and this is the future, was the reason for us doing this. Unfortunately, we found no competent partners who wanted to put this development into full-scale production. The basics are in any event available. We hope that for this the right moment will come.

The development and manufacture of a Bevel-Helical Gear, that transmits the power via gearwheels and prevents the penetration of moisture and dirt to drive shafts by means of a labyrinth sealing system.
1992 The HEIZOHACK HM 5-14 chipper series was begun. It was possible to chop up to 40cm Ø. Also the crane-based HM 10-12-14 K chippers were developed at this time.
1990 The first large HSK-A Special Boilers 300 / 400 / 500 / 650 / 850 kW were delivered.
1989 The first HEIZOHACK HM-4 wood chipper began operations.
1987 The HSK-A boiler was developed with automatic ash discharge, which discharged the ash from the combustion chamber to an ash container.
1986 The first HEIZOMAT HSK boiler was manufactured. Horizontal, large volume heat exchangers which could be easily cleaned manually.
1984 The first rotary valve for back burn protection was built. What is assured 100% with this design is that no back burn into the fuel bunker and no false air supply via the auger into the boiler take place.
1983 Development of the discharger system via multi-step agitator. The basis for linking every storage area directly and used as a fuel tank.
1982 The first HEIZOMAT combustion plant with a one-day chip container.