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Heizohack SPE - 1300
The SPE - 1300 chops with pins and spax pallets, construction timber, boards and many more to high quality wood chips which can be combusted in our RHK-AK boiler without any problems.
The machine reaches with only 18,5 kW an output of up to 5m³ wood chips per hour. These 5m³ replace approx. 350 litre of oil, which means a value of 280 Euros per hour with an oil price of 80 cents. Furthermore you save disposal costs. Thus the machine can be paid just after 110 hours (100h * 280,00 € = 30.800,00 €)

technical data:
length (mm) 1940 filling opening (mm) 1320 x 220
width (mm) 1200 rotor speed (U/min) 60
height (mm) 1920 rotor diameter (mm) 300
weight (kg) 1000 drive power (kW) 18,5
edge number (Stk.) 36 sound pressure level (db) 82
perforated screen (mm) 30 product flyer